Ren is an Earth-Convexity hybrid dragon making a guest appearance in Dragon's Destiny The Last Time Dragon. Character is owned by RenTheEarthDragon


Ren is rude, sarcastic, blunt, aggressive, and quick to mistrust and dislike anyone he meets. He has a habit of never calling anyone by their real names, opting to instead use nicknames which are often insulting. However his anti-social personality is mostly a facade to hide his grief and fear of hurting others.

Ren is actually caring, selfless, and good hearted, but the tragedies and countless losses he's suffered make him slow to trust others. He only shows his real side to his loved ones and those who earn his respect.


Ren is the first Convexity-hybrid, a new species that can use Convexity in addition to their natural element, in addition to full immunity to the influence of dark power. However those powers come with many risks, mainly the possibility of losing control over his Convexity, when that happens he turns unto a savage out of control monster capable of mass destruction and murder.

Ren's Convexity is the source of all his misfortunes including the death of his whole family, the loss of his right hind-leg at age 7, being ostracized by everyone, etc. Although Ren's life improved greatly and he started his own family, he continues to hate his Convexity and the spirit that gave him those powers.

Episode 2Edit

After Time Watcher was injured by Hollow he was taken to the Mother Nature's House. While recovering Ren suddenly appeared and warned Timer that his powers are not a blessing but a curse, showing his prosthetic leg as an example. Before Timer could ask anything Ren vanished, leaving the young Time Dragon confused and worried.


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