Novi is a fire dragoness is The Secondary Protagonist of Dragon's Destiny Chapter 1 The Last Time Dragon.


She is Shy and often hides behind her friends (mostly Time Watcher). And She is Also very Sweet and Loves to eat Chocolate and Cookies. And Also has an Older Sister named Crea (who is Out Going). She Often Goes around Time Watcher, She often hanging with her Sister Crea, She Not Sure what to say about Speedy, She gets along with Plasma very well, She sometimes talks to Basher, She also gets alongs with Icy very well, and Doesn't mind Shift most of the time.  but what she doesn't know is she is a daughter of a fire princess who ran away from home and also is a Hidden Potential within her she does not know about as well.

Adult novi around age 25 by jacobthedragon-d9k1xbp 2