Flower is an overweight Light Dragoness and one of the main characters of Dragon's Destiny The Last Time Dragon. She is the Mother Of Time Watcher, Time Seeker, and Cherry.


Flower is very caring to her son and has a cookie shop she loves baking cookies and give time watcher and his friends Novi, Speedy, Plasma, Basher, Icy, and Shift free cookies time to time.All she ever told time watcher about his father (her mate) that his name is Ken. She and Flashin (Master Light) Were best Friends for a long time also. And Never Make Flower Angry! When angered her eyes turn red. Two Things You Should Never Do Around Flower:

  • Hurting Time Watcher (her son).
  • Saying Something About Her Weight. (Even if you like her like that)


Episode 1Edit

One day Flower was carrying a young Timer to school. She realized they were running late so she tried to fly to school, only for Timer to point out her weight prevented her from flying so she was forced to run. On the way she ran into her friend Flashin and while they talked she failed to notice Time had ran off. And Was Reliefed When A Kind Dragon Named Jacob Returned Timer To Her.

A few years later Mother Nature visited Flower and gave Timer a book about Time dragons, but Flower felt it was a bad idea Due To How The Dragon Countil Are.

Episode 2Edit

The next day Timer left to see his friends and Flower saw an old photo of her mother.

Later That Day Flashin Was Visiting and When he Felted That the Young Ones Were Danger Worring Flower About Timer, Before He Felted He Slapped Her Behind Which Made Her Angry.


Flower doesn't like button Cloths (Remake)