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Dragon's Destiny Chapter 1 The Last Time Dragon is a Comic by JacobTheDragon from and character bios to be updated


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There is a hidden cave that has a portal in the Bermuda triangle-an island a very big island that has all of the last remaining dragons on earth a place where they are supposed to get along,but however it's sadly not 100% peaceful with the island being split into different districts with their respective elements but there only 1 districts that let dragons of any element to live in together in harmony except for the Dark dragon who are kept in the dark mountain (only very few are lit out). In the elemental valley In a small town-In a small home a Light Dragoness named Flower (due to the flower at the end of her tail) had her only egg hatched now a mother She seems to have a Time Dragon? But How? Time Dragons has not been around for along time-She named her only baby Time Watcher. Now for Time Watcher never met his father (Ken). Years later Flower's Childhood Friend Flashin wants to rebuild his family school while supporting Flower's cookie shop (which it's small) and so Flashin will take a few young Dragons of any element and that's where Time Watcher will meet his long-time friends,Novi the shy fire dragoness,Speedy the hyper water dragon,Plasma the tempered electric dragoness(cursed with dark scales),Busher the tough earth dragon,Icy the smart dragoness,and Shift the wind dragon. Flashin the adult light dragon takes on the name Master Light to teach them the basics of being a dragon. However The Dark Dragon Lord(name unknown) (Who will never attack a dragon for some reason) has students of his own a few poor young dark dragons who were locked up in a dungeon all because they said "I Love you" to there parents, dark dragon's can be cruel. And so The Light Dragons who rivaled with the Dark Dragon will find each other often in 1 stuggle or another. Our Heroes will go on many Adventures To stop the Dark Dragons Plan To take the island (or hang out wheere sometime the dark dragons come to ruin the fun) And not only that Time Watcher is closer to meeting or knowing his father then he thinks!

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