Basher is a mayor character of Dragon's Destiny as well one of the 2 heavy hitters in the group.


Basher wants to protect nature as well as help Mother Nature. He respects Time Watcher for being very Kind, He Doesn't mind Novi being around, hates to be annoyed by Speedy, IS IN LOVE WITH ICY because she's as big as him, and Wonders about Shift sometimes.


Episode 1Edit

Basher introduced himself to his friends on his first day of school and said he wants to protect nature. As a teenager Basher became fat and fell in love with his friend Icy because he's also fat. Icy was developing a weight loss potion so he tricked her into making a weight gain potion instead. His plan worked and Icy became a lot fatter, to his delight and her annoyance.

Episode 2Edit

The next day Icy was mad at Basher for "playing a prank on her", he tried to explain that he likes her weight but Icy was too mad at him and tried his muzzle.